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A 5-local identification of the monster

Enable G be a in the community K-proper crew, S ∈ Syl_5(G), and Z = Z(S). We demonstratethat if is 5-constrained and Z isn't weakly closed in thenG is isomorphic to the monster sporadic easy staff.

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However there are examples of data sets for which there is no solution. Note that a method has been proposed in [15] for sampling points from a given curve f which supports the BHS scheme, in the sense that there is always a solution. For example, the BHS scheme has a solution for the data in Figure 13, generated by the method of [15], and as we can see in the figure, it is hard to distinguish the BHS (grey) curve from the original (black) curve, similar to the quintic in Figure 10(b). 52 Michael S.

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