Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis–1983 by Martin J. O'Donnell and Louis M. Weiss (Eds.)

By Martin J. O'Donnell and Louis M. Weiss (Eds.)

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Chem. S o c , 105, 619 (1983); H. , Chem. , 1065 (1983T; D. D. Ridley and M. A. Smal, Aust. J. ,~36, 1049 (1983); M. 2-10 L. L. Vasil'eva, V. I. MeTnikova and K. K. Pivnitskii, J. Org. Chem. (USSR), 19, 581 (1983); C. Fehr, Helv. Chim. 2-11 A. F. Ermolov and A. F. Eleev, J. Org. Chem. (USSR), 19, 1200 (1983). 2-12 Y. Yamamoto, Y. Saito and K. Maruyama, J. Org. , 48, 5408 (1983); T. Sakakibara, M. d. Manandhar and [shido, Synthesis, 920 (1983). 3. 3-1 T. Shono, Y. Matsumura and T. , 24, 4577 (1983); P.

147 (1983); I . Patterson, S. K. Patel and J . R. Porter, Tetrahedron L e t t . , 24, 3395 (1983); M. Braun and R. Devant, Angew. , 22, 788 (1983). o I . A . 7 . a . l a - 1 6 T. Imamoto, T. Kusumoto and M. Yokoyama, Tetrahedron L e t t . , 24, 5233 (1983). la-17 C. H. Heathcock and J . Lampe, J . Org. , 48_, 4330 (1983); F. Babudri, L. DiNunno and S. Florio, Tetrahedron L e t t . , 24, 3883 (1983); R. F. ,_JL Chem. S o c , P e r k i n T 7 l 8 0 9 (1983). 0 V\c- OH ) LDA, -78°C THF or Pentane 0 Ph 2) PhCHO R = Me, Et, nPr, nBu.

Perriot and Y. H e t i t , Synthesis, 297 (1983). la-38 J. P. Celerier, M. G. Michaud and G. Lhommet, Synthesis, 195 (1983); R. N. Renaud, D. Berube and C. J. Stephens, Can. J. , 61, 1379 (1983); J. Liebscher, B. Neumann and H. Hartmann, "37 Prakt. , 325, 915 (1983). la-39 T. V. Khenkina and V. B. Mochalin, J. Org. Chem. (USSR), | 2 , 1109 (1983); T. Mukaiyama, Y. Goto and S. I. Shoda, Chem. , 671 (1983). la-40 N. Matsumura, N. Asai and S. Yoneda, Chem. , 1487 (1983); N. Matsumura, T. Ohba and S.

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