Anne Brontë: The Other One by Elizabeth Langland

By Elizabeth Langland

A research of Anne Bronte facing her existence and affects, this article varieties a part of a sequence that is designed to assist within the reassessment of women's writing within the gentle of state-of-the-art realizing.

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Yet in her insistence on universal salvation, Bronte diverged sharply from Cowper, a strict Calvinist given to fits of melancholy over his possible damnation . Bronte may have been attracted to more than Cowper's religious musings. He wrote thoughtful poems about nature and everyday life, poems in which emotions often imbue the description, and so may have provided a model for Bronte's introspective nature poems in which we also hear echoes of Thomas Gray, James Thomson, and the Romantic poets.

Not only art thou, then, unkind, And freezing cold to me, But unbelieving , deaf, and blind I will not walk with thee! (P 146) These stanzas echo the tenor of Jane Eyre's final panegyric to St John , and, in so doing, mark him as a man motivated by self-regard, 'unbelieving' in divine mercy. Charlotte Bronte writes: A more resolute, indefatigable pioneer never wrought amidst rocks and dangers. Firm, faithful, and devoted; full of energy, and zeal, and truth, he labours for his race: he clears their painful way to improvement: he hews down like a giant the prejudices of creed and caste that encumber it.

It presses down my sinking heart;I will not walk with thee! Charlotte Bronte has described St John as 'hard' , 'a cold, hard man', a 'glacier', 'icy'; he is also stone and metal, a 'rock firmset in the depths of a restless sea', 'chiselled marble' , 'no longer flesh, but marble', a man dispensing 'marble kisses, or ice kisses' , 'inexorable as death'. He asks that Jane relinquish her will and follow him. He has told her she is 'formed for labour - not for love' or joy. f In Jane Eyre's final description of St John as a 'masterspirit ...

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