Ancient Greek Psychology and the Modern Mind-Body Debate by E. Ostenfeld

By E. Ostenfeld

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Leonhard Culmann, Sententiae pueriles (London, ) STC ; [Cato] Libellus elegantissimus qui inscribitur Cato (London, ) STC ; M. . The Lily–Colet grammar included such supplementary Latin reading matter as: the Creed, the ten commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, Lily’s Carmen de moribus, two letters by Erasmus on the approach to schooling and the method of reading texts and further Latin prayers and graces: William Lily and John Colet, A Shorte Introduction of Grammar (London, ) STC , sigs.

Ar. , sigs. Ar, Ar, Br, Bv. : ‘Assidua exercitatio omnia potest. Amicos inter adversa cognoscimus. Amicitia omnibus rebus anteponenda. (Ar) Consuetudo omnia dura lenit. (Av) Mendacem memorem esse oportet. (Ar) Neminem irriseris. (Av) Omnia bona pace constant. (Av) Libertate nihil dulcius. (Av) Ingratitudo vitiorum omnium caput. ’ Cato, Dr. g. ‘Sua quemque studia delectant. Suo quisque studio delectatur. ’ Culmann, Sententiae pueriles, sig. B v.  This fits in with the humanist aim of teaching virtue and good Latin together.

Kr–v, repr. in Melanchthon, Opera omnia, , col. . This preface was printed in numerous continental editions and (without ascription to Melanchthon) in two editions by Bynneman ( and ) STC  and a.  Elizabethan Rhetoric poems imagined without reason, so much of the theatre that they recommend the sequence of the rest of the story and delight the reader with variety and carry out their duty. For example about the horse, or the fleet changed into nymphs. Some things belong to nature, such as Venus being born out of the sea.

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