Analyzing Uncertainty in Civil Engineering by Wolfgang Fellin, Heimo Lessmann, Michael Oberguggenberger,

By Wolfgang Fellin, Heimo Lessmann, Michael Oberguggenberger, Robert Vieider

This quantity comprehensively addresses the difficulty of uncertainty in civil engineering, from layout to development. present engineering perform usually leaves uncertainty concerns apart, even though new clinical instruments were constructed some time past a long time that let a rational description of uncertainties of every kind, from version uncertainty to information uncertainty. it's the goal of this quantity to take a severe examine present engineering hazard suggestions for you to elevate know-how of uncertainty in numerical computations, shortcomings of a strictly probabilistic defense idea, geotechnical types of failure and their building implications, real building, and obligation. additionally, the various new approaches for modelling uncertainty are defined. The booklet is as a result of the a collaborate attempt of mathematicians, engineers and building managers who met usually in a post-graduate seminar on the college of Innsbruck up to now years.

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Griffiths and A. Fenton. Bearing capacity of spatially random soil: the undrained clay Prandtl problem revisited. Geotechnique, 51(4):351–359, 2001. [10] O. Klingm¨ uller and U. Bourgund. Sicherheit und Risiko im Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau. Verlag Vieweg, Braunschweig/Wiesbaden, 1992. [11] M. W. McCann. National Performance of Dams Program. html. [12] M. A. Meyer, J. M. Booker. Eliciting and Analyzing Expert Judgement. SIAM, Philadelphia PA, 2001. Failure probabilities 49 [13] M. Oberguggenberger.

5). In this section, we will again demonstrate plan view a=b Q b cross section 11 00 Q 111 000 γ ϕ c t Fig. 5. 2. But we will also show here that the design dimensions of the footing, when computed according to Austrian code B4435-2 [15], will vary significantly when the type of probability distribution is changed. Thus the sensitivity of the failure probability may have considerable economic effects in practice. We use the design bearing capacity due to [15] as loading of the footing. 3. 93 kN. 0 according to [15].

In addition to the calculation of a single safety value a sensitivity analysis should be done. This helps to find the unfavourable variations and combinations of parameters. Input parameters with a strong influence on the safety should either be estimated very cautiously or investigated more intensively. It is further recommended to do at least two calculations. First perform a standard calculation with the parameters determined as cautious estimates, which are in a statistical sense bounds of the 90% confidence intervals.

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