Allègement by Hubert Lucot

By Hubert Lucot

Commencée dans los angeles nostalgie, l'année 2006-2007 assène deux coups durs au narrateur. L'un était imprévisible : son épouse et héroïne A.M. subit un poor coincidence. L'autre était calculé : les Français élisent un président qui appliquera un ultralibéralisme meurtrier. Dans les deux cas, le narrateur peint les faits plus qu'il ne les examine. Les coulées de peinture le mènent à saisir un substrat qu'on dira «l'être et le temps».

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Diana's head ached horribly. She was self-conscious about the greenish blue bruise smack in the middle of her forehead. Her right hand throbbed painfully where a slick-haired doctor had laced up a loose flap of skin. Her upper arm was tender from a tetanus shot. "My new silk blouse is completely trashed," Diana said. " "Listen, sweetie, go home and rest. Take next week off. " Burning tears trickled into Diana's lap before she could catch them in her hands. She heard squeaking steps, then Katy held her.

Margaret would exclaim. "Hush up. It's supposed to remind you of the Resurrection. A very hopeful Page 15 thing! You would know that if you went to church with me one day instead of taking the sheep out to be watered every morning. Especially on the Sabbath. " "You Navajos and your sheep. " He finished his coffee and sat quietly while the sun rose and flooded his doorway with yellow light. If he had known then that Margaret was going to die before him, he would have gone to church with her, and not only on the Sabbathjust to have spent a little more time with her.

Blocky, buttressed towers rose above an ocean of sand and shattered rock. He remembered fragments of crossing the still, dead sea: a turning bowl of alien constellations; shifting sand hills; twin star-imprinted masked heads emerging from red boulders and white sands, sleepless eyeholes watching and hunting. A freezing wind numbed his eye. He remembered a lithe, dark-eyed girl; how he had howled her name when the sun's fire descended. He remembered his name. Crossing to a black doorway, he ascended stone steps.

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