Agrochemicals Desk Reference by John H. Montgomery

By John H. Montgomery

First-class source books are mixed to shape a unmarried entire database that gives summaries of environmental properties

The Agrochemicals and insecticides table Reference on CD-ROM includes particular information regarding 137 insecticides, serving as a primer of environmental toxicology and an intensive alternate identify index. Profiles of every pesticide provide

  • regulatory information
  • toxicity assessments
  • environmental destiny data
  • physical properties
  • acceptable publicity restrict values

    This CD-ROM is an updated reference encouraged through the starting to be variety of examine courses and the ongoing curiosity within the destiny, delivery, and remediation of detrimental components. Featured are environmental and physical/chemical info on greater than three hundred compounds, together with insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
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    1977). , 1977). Plant. In plants, fonofos is oxidized to the phosphonothioate (Hartley and Kidd, 1987). Oat plants were grown in two soils treated with [14C]fonofos. Most of the residues remained bound to the soil. Less than 2% of the applied [14C]fonofos was recovered from the oat leaves. , 1982). Chemical/Physical. 9 weeks, respectively (Chapman and Cole, 1982). Emits toxic nitrogen and phosphorus oxide fumes when heated to decomposition (Sax and Lewis, 1987; Lewis, 1990). 1 mg/m3. Formulation Types: Granules; emulsifiable concentrate.

    Symptoms of Exposure: Irritates eyes, nose, throat; lacrimation; cough, bronchospasm; pulmonary irritation; dermatitis, nausea, vomiting; loss of consciousness. Formulation Types: Aqueous solutions. Toxicity: Toxic to fish (Hartley and Kidd, 1987); acute oral LD50 for rats 550–800 mg/kg (Hartley and Kidd, 1987). Uses: Fungicide; bactericide. © 2000 CRC PRESS LLC FOSAMINE-AMMONIUM Synonyms: Ammonium salt, ammonium ethyl(aminocarbonyl)phosphonate; Ammonium ethyl carbamoylphosphonate solution; DPX 1108; Krenite; Krenite brush control agent.

    43 weeks, respectively (Chapman and Cole, 1982). , 1969). Heptachlor degraded in aqueous saturated calcium hypochlorite solution to 1-hydroxychlordene. , 1974). Heptachlor (1 mM) in ethyl alcohol (30 mL) underwent dechlorination in the presence of nickel boride (generated by the reacted nickel chloride and sodium borohydride). The © 2000 CRC PRESS LLC catalytic dechlorination of heptachlor by this method yielded a pentachloro derivative as the major product having the empirical formula C10H9Cl5 (Dennis and Cooper, 1976).

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