Acupuncture Physical Medicine by Mark Seem

By Mark Seem

During this groundbreaking ebook, Dr look stocks with us the end result of twenty years of treating sufferers with every kind of persistent fatigue, discomfort, and rigidity issues. those are sufferers for whom regular scientific remedies have provided little support and who frequently locate their solution to acupuncturists as a final lodge. incorporated are Dr Seem's category of the 4 significant styles of tight soft issues that he reveals in such sufferers, his therapy concepts in each one trend, and lots of charts and diagrams to aid busy practitioners use his technique extra successfully. This e-book is a needs to for acupuncturists treating any kind of persistent situation.

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The cultural relativity of the concept of human energy that we have been exploring is like that of snow. While Western medicine has few terms to describe human vitality, Chinese medicine has several score. This is because practitioners of Chinese medicine, especially acupuncturists, work within the realm of energetics, charting, like medical physicists, the vital movements within the living body.

20 It might well be that what is most desperately needed to cope with the vague but very real complaints such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is just such a world of experimentation, levity, and novelty where the sufferer has the opportunity to explore all facets of what is not at all a clear case, no 20Planet Medicine, op. , pp. 25-26 Page 8 matter how precise the medical label, no matter how competent the physician making the diagnosis. Page 9 Chapter II Chronic Fatigue - a New Disease? CFIDS case definition chronic fatigue, a medical puzzle criteria to diagnose CFIDS nervous exhaustion psychologizing fatigue fatigue as metaphor fatigue as fact the modern malady neurasthenia and hysteria the stress response after AIDS new models of health and disease client centered health care For the past one hundred years, health care practitioners have been grappling with the definition and treatment of disorders of human energy.

AIDS and CFIDS may be harbingers of the new challenges that 21st century medicine will have to meet. Along with such necessary collaboration, I believe that the way in which people will come to relate to their physicians, therapists, and other practitioners will undergo a great transformation in the coming century. I believe we will see more patients who refuse to be victims, who take charge of their own, often complex health care and who are the orchestrators of their own treatment rather than passive recipients of care from physicians.

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