Acupuncture in Clinical Practice: A guide for health by Nadia Ellis

By Nadia Ellis

Acupuncture is now practised commonly through the global. a few use acupuncture for its ache relieving results, and others use it as a part of conventional chinese language drugs. This booklet addresses either points of acupuncture and demonstrates its sensible software in medical therapy. this is often the 1st ebook on acupuncture written for physiotherapists and actual rehabilitation practitioners, and is additionally compatible for reference for acupuncture scholars.

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3c). 5 cun proximal to the transverse wrist crease. Indications: General: removes pathogenic Wind and disperses pulmonary qi. Particular: this is a significant point for all lung conditions. It is the key point for ren mai which governs yin energy. g. toothache, facial pain and paralysis. 0cm. LU 9 Taiyuan source point Location: in the depression on the radial side of the radial artery on the anterior wrist crease. g. arteriosclerosis and intermittent claudication. g. OA carpo-metacarpal joint.

26 Basis of traditional Chinese medicine Acupoints which are specific to the sea of marrow GV 16 fengfu and GV 20 bahui. The Four Seas can also be called the seas of heaven, earth, interior and exterior. 5 Symptomatology Sea of energy. Full: pain in chest, red face and dyspnoea. Empty: Not enough energy to talk. Sea of nourishment. Full: abdominal distension. Empty: anger with lack of appetite. Sea of meridians/blood. Full: body feels swollen or enlarged. Empty: feels body is shrunk for no reason and feels resentment.

The wei energy can help to divert some of the perverse energy into the distinct meridian and reduce the damage to the organ. The resulting symptoms will be less severe. e. BLand KI at BL 10 tianzhu GB and LR at GB 1 tongziliao ST and SP at BL 1 jingming SI and HT at BL 1 jingming TE and PC at TE 16 tianyou LI and LU at LI 18 Neck futu All the yang meridians in their tum meet at GV 20 bahui, thus one could say that at this point the entire network of the meridian system meets. NB In clinical practice there are some practitioners who always include GV 20 bahui in a treatment formula because of its influence on the meridian system.

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