ACM transactions on computer systems (February) by D. R. Kuhn on corporate internet, B. Bertino on

By D. R. Kuhn on corporate internet, B. Bertino on authorization constraints, V. Bhamidipati and others M. Nyanchama and S. Osborn on the role graph model, Ravi Sandhu

Significant reports by way of prime overseas machine scientists. this can be a specific factor on Role-Based entry regulate.

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Note, however, that even with low friend bias and up to 40% initial subversion, the adversary has no more than a 36% chance of causing irrecoverable damage. Finally, we evaluate the adversary’s “experience” trying to cause irrecoverable damage with Figures 9 and 10. Figure 9 plots the probability that the adversary is detected before having caused irrecoverable damage. For the two lowest levels of friend bias, the adversary is almost guaranteed to be caught trying. For friend bias of 30%, he is likely to get away with trying out a stealth modification attack only for initial subversions at which he doesn’t have the slightest chance of causing irrecoverable damage; he is again guaranteed to be caught trying for any level of subversion from 10% and higher, except for those few chances he has of causing irrecoverable damage.

ROSENTHAL, D. S. , AND BAKER, M. 2003. Economic measures to resist attacks on a peer-to-peer network. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Economics of Peer-to-Peer Systems (Berkeley, CA). ROWSTRON, A. AND DRUSCHEL, P. 2001. Storage management and caching in PAST, a large-scale, persistent peer-to-peer storage utility. In Proceedings of the Eighteenth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Chateau Lake Louise, Banff, AB, Canada). 188–201. , AND WEAVER, N. 2002. How to Own the Internet in your spare time.

The graph shows that the attacker caused the Apache Web server (httpd) to create a command shell (bash), downloaded and unpacked an executable (/tmp/xploit/ptrace), then ran the executable using a different group identity (we believe the executable was seeking to exploit a race condition in the Linux ptrace code to gain root access). We detected the intrusion by seeing the ptrace process in the process listing. There are many levels at which events and objects can be observed. Application-level logs such as Apache’s log of HTTP requests are semantically rich.

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