A reference guide to the Bible in Emily Dickinson's poetry by Fordyce R. Bennett

By Fordyce R. Bennett

The poems of Emily Dickinson owe a lot to the King James Bible for tale and scenario, syntax, symbolism and imagery, thought, and masses extra. Bennett makes an attempt to spot all of the verbatim prices from the approved model of the King James Bible which seem within the 3 quantity Johnson version of Dickinson's poetry, in addition to biblical backgrounds, characters, parallels, principles, and echoes. correct poems are handled sequentially, starting with the 1st poem of Johnson's first quantity. pass references to different poems, letters, and prose fragments are supplied, in addition to to straightforward reference works of the time. the place suitable, short explanatory fabric is additional. Interpretation, although unavoidable, has been restricted to short parenthetical and terminal reviews purely the place idea valuable. for simple examine, the references to textual and biographical backgrounds have heavily the first Dickinson assets. a very good buy for faculty and college libraries and for prime colleges the place Dickinson's poetry is taught.

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19 "Heaven": Rev 21-22 Comment: See Poems, I, 106. 150 She died-this was the way she died. 5 "Her . . 6 "The . . 8 "Upon . . side": ICo 15:53-54 Comment: See Poems, I, 107. 1-2 "Mute . . 3 "Fold . . 4 "In . . 8 "Master . . I": Mt 23:10; Eph 6:9; Col 4:1 Comment: Perhaps an early "White Election" poem that stands in striking contrast to the later work (P528). 1-2 "Dust . . 14 "Christ . . nest": ICo 15:57 Comment: See Poems, I, 109-110. 4 "A . . 5 "Except . . 9,11 "smallest Housewife," "face": Mt 6:28-29 (the "smallest Housewife" becomes emblematic within the spiritually saturated iconography of the landscape of P154: "Heaven," "Angels," "Bee," "flower," "winds," "Butterflies," and "dew": P154 may be a very sophisticated sympathy card intended to bolster the poet's sister-in-law) Comment: See Poems, I, 110-I 11.

Askew": ICo 15:9 (St. 7 (variant) "By . . means": Ro 6:15 Comment: See Poems, I, 47-48. 1-2 "If . . 7 "If . . 8-9,12 "To . . 11 "developed eyes": Rev 3:18 (the Emersonian and Blakean idea of apocalypse as vision: "Not 'Revelation''tisthat waits,/But our unfurnished eyes," P685; see also P574) Comment: See Poems, I, 48-49. 64 Some Rainbow-coming from the Fair! 22 "Behold . . these": Ge 1:26-31 ("Behold, I have given you "Ge 1:29; this "Vision of the World Cashmere" is Edenic) Comment: See Poems, I, 49-50.

1 "There . . 20 "Mystic green": Rev 22:1-5 (this vision of paradise, as in P2, may owe something to the perpetual spring-summer in the New Jerusalem depicted by St. 8 "Are . . 5-9 "For . . 1,8 "When . . 6-8 "Before . . 9 "What . . 8 "God's. 1-6 "When . . 7 "When . . 8 "Mortal . . 9 "Pick . . 4 "T[h]rough . . 6-9 "Could . . heart": ICo 15:50-55 (Death as the movement from the "scene familiar" of the circuit world) 46 I keep my pledge. 11 "Will . . 1-8 "Once . . 4 "Before . . 5 "Angels .

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