A manual of acupuncture by Peter Deadman

By Peter Deadman

As soon as in a good whereas a rare e-book is released that units a wholly new average in its box. A guide of Acupuncture, released through magazine of chinese language medication guides, is simply this sort of booklet. Painstakingly researched over decades via Peter Deadman, editor-in-chief of The magazine of chinese language medication, and colleagues Mazin Al-Khafaji and Kevin Baker, this publication is sure to develop into the first reference within the West for the examine of acupuncture issues and channels. Introductory chapters describe and illustrate the channels and collaterals, many of the different types of issues, and strategies of choice, situation, and needling. resulting chapters current every one of the issues of the 14 channels in addition to the additional (miscellaneous) issues, pointed out by way of their English and pinyin names, and chinese language characters. every one aspect is found in response to the main exacting anatomical criteria to be present in any Western textbook. for every element there's a devoted drawing, by means of nearby physique drawings. the standard of the five hundred drawings is much more desirable to these in the other TCM textual content. There also are functional guidelines for locating and needling the issues, and cautionary information regarding what to prevent. as well as aspect indexes via their English and pinyin names, there's an index selecting all the things of the physique reached by way of all of the channels, and separate indexes of aspect symptoms indexed in accordance with either TCM and biomedical signs.

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This perception of channel flow is given greater weight in the Western acupuncture tradition due to the method of numbering the acupuncture points, whereas in China the points are known by their names only. These two different views of channel circulation suggest two different ways of understanding the movement of qi in the body. In both cases it is easier to imagine a person standing with their arms raised to the sky. In the centripetal flow embodied in the theory of the five shu-points, the macrocosmic qi is seen as entering the body via the extremities like a stream which widens into a river, flows into a broad and deep sea at the elbows and knees and unites and gathers deep within the body.

Yanggu SI-5: febrile disease with absence of sweating, chills and fever. Kunlun BL-60: dyspnoea, cough, malaria, malaria with copious sweating. Fuliu KID-7: fever with absence of sweating. Jianshi P-5: aversion to wind and cold, febrile disease, malaria, obstruction of qi following windstroke leading to impaired breathing. Zhigou SJ-6: cough, cough with redness and heat of the face, febrile disease with absence of sweating. Yangfu GB-38: chills and fever, sweating with cold shivering, malaria. -5: manic raving, propensity to laughter.

Accordingto the classical sources discussed above, the he-sea points are indicated for: counterflow qi and diarrhoea. disease of the Stomach and disorders resulting from irregular eating and drinking. diseases of the fu. diseases of the skin (yang he-sea points only). In the light of traditional and modern clinical use, the following observations may be made: Counterflow qi and diarrhoea, disease of the Stomach b disorders resulting from irregular eating and drinking The he-sea points of both the yin and yang channels as well as the lower he-sea points are among the most important acupuncture points for treating disorders of the Stomach and intestines.

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